Liamuiga Oualie Arts Foundation

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The LOAF Fellowship

The LOAF Fellowship Fund awards scholarships to eligible primary school students based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an expressed interest in partnering with LOAF to achieve his/her potential.

Our commitment does not end with the conferral of fellowships. We believe in forging lasting connections that stretch beyond financial assistance. By fostering close relationships with awardees and their families throughout their educational journeys, we are investing in the holistic growth of each youth.

Funding Structure

Primary funding sources: LOAF Festival; Collaboration with NGOs and corporate sponsors; donations from individual contributors.

Awards and Scholarship Value

Minimum of USD $2,000.00 annually to be paid in installments to cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, books/laptop, examinations, extra-curricular activities.

Duration of Award

A five-year scholarship will be awarded to (2) students (one from St. Kitts and one from Nevis), from grades 7 through 5th Form. Additional candidates will be considered each year.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship recipients will be selected to support the foundation’s purpose to nurture students.

Primary Award Criteria

Financial need; academic achievement (including grades); rank in class; standardized test scores and achievement test scores.

Selection Procedures and Policies

LOAF directors will function as the selection committee.